Finding a Performing Arts Internship

As a Performing Arts student, there is only so much the books and the classrooms can give you. This is a course of study that requires hands on work related experience. One of the best ways to gain this is to apply for an internship in you’re branch of the performing arts. There are several opportunities out there for individuals who wish to pursue careers in the performing arts. Use these tips to help you find an internship that will pave you’re way to the career of your dreams.

Start at School – The best place to look for an internship is you’re school. Check with the career center as well as professors, advisors, and other faculty members. This should be the first place you look. They will be able to offer you valid options for a performing arts internship as well as guide you through the application process. Even if school isn’t your first stop when you’re looking for an internship, be sure to meet with them when you do find something. They will need to okay you’re internship if you want to receive credit for the work you are doing.
Decide on a Location – While it’s important to keep an open mind while looking for an internship, it can be extremely beneficial if you decide on a few locations that you would like to base your search from. For example if you would like to experience dancing in a large metropolitan area you should begin your search in those areas. If you would prefer to stay local, curtail your search to your community and the surrounding areas.
Paid or Unpaid – While there are internship opportunities available that offer compensation for the work you are doing there are plenty out there that do not. If the ability to earn an income through your internship is a necessity this is definitely something you should consider.
Apply Everywhere – Sure you may really want a paid internship, you may not want to really intern at a particular company, but apply anyway. It’s better to have an option at the end of the application process than to have nothing at all should something fall through. It’s also a great way to get your name out there. Even if one company no longer needs and intern, they may be able to help network a little and pass your name on to someone who does.
Start Early – While the deadline for internship applications may be months off don’t waste any time. Often times slots fill up and the longer you wait the less you have to choose from. Applying early will give you the opportunity to take time and decide which internships will offer you the experience you need. Getting everything in early also reflects well on you as a student, showing you’re responsible and eager to learn.
Check Dance Publications – Dance magazines, blogs, and forums can be an excellent tool when researching dance internships. You may be able to find information about various opportunities available in different areas of the performance arts.